Mandy Bührer

Midwife MSc, Yoga Teacher RYT

 From Heart to Heart!

Hello, I'm Mandy. A professional midwife, a yoga teacher and a mum of two wonderful and wild kiddos. My heart and passion lies in connecting with people - on and off the Yoga mat - and in sharing my knowledge as a midwife and a yoga teacher as well as my experiences, my wisdom and my failures ;) as a woman and mum.

Born and raised in Saxony, Germany, I came to Switzerland in 2007 after finishing my studies. I felt in love with the swiss people and the country and finally with my today's husband and dad of my two kids.

Since 2010 I'm experiencing yoga as a companion as well as a mind and soul saver, especially after giving birth to my first child by caesarean section.

I LOVE ....travelling and discovering new places ...the joy and chaos that comes with being a mum and running a "family business" ...the mysteries of becoming and being a human ...spending time in the nature ...enjoying cooking and spending time with friends and family.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you

and sharing our stories - on and off the mat.

From heart to heart.

... ॐ ...